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023: Holy Shift!

023: Holy Shift! Hola Amigos, This week coming to you with an issue dedicated to the shift happening around the globe, hence the title "Holy Shift". We have seen a slew of changes starting to brew, and the only thing one can do is build resilience and a plan. Its

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020: A Time to Reflect

Hola Amigos, This week I'd like to share some reflections as the Jewish people move into the new year - Rosh Hashanah and the days of atonement - Yom Kippur. It's also a big weekend for the Christians as it's the time of the biblical rapture and the world is

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018: Effortless Action

Hola Amigos, This week... Noticing recently that sometimes we've got to move out of our own way for things to unfold, other times we need be open enough to receive a clear message and take causal action. I have families, friends, professionals on a daily basis, tell me about their

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016: Scale Down Your Busyness, Scale Up Your Life

Hey Friends, This week's newsletter is packed with goodies, and I've been eager to reconnect since I took a week off to go on a Silent Retreat. We'll go deeper into that experience and my why, as I find most people contact me to move or invest into Costa Rica

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015: Holy Cow

Hola Amigos, This weeks adventures involve yes, a Holy Cow, and a lot more goodies and fresh design inspirations. Also, I decided to go on a Silent Retreat (shhhhhh) with my buddy Rodolfo Carillo next week, so I'll be taking a week off of the newsletter and going inward. Okay