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018: Effortless Action

Ed Zaydelman
Ed Zaydelman
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Hola Amigos,

This week... Noticing recently that sometimes we've got to move out of our own way for things to unfold, other times we need be open enough to receive a clear message and take causal action. I have families, friends, professionals on a daily basis, tell me about their life visions, dreams, and desires. The we deconstruct how to make that a reality via a step by step process designed to hold them accountable to that dream and that fire inside of them, but also not be attached. To when things will happen, where, with who. The more effort we put in, doesn't always equate to a result we want. Its gotta flow - and thats not some hippy shit. It plain old life, business all of it.

More often than not something goes array when people move or build abroad and take a huge leap of faith. Whether a closing on a property, crazy stuff with bank transfers, not knowing what architect or build to choose - they get all sorts of worried. I don't because I know when something isn't meant to be, or it's not in flow, life will make that evident, so I can point it out as their advisor and we can adjust the trim tabs a bit. The opposite is also true, when things are aligned and in flow you feel it. You feel it from the land, the engineer, the architect - the entire team feels the flow and things begin to move in alignment. I never like to swim up a river or fight something, because usually when we exert effort it means somethings up. When things are effortless, they still take work and action, but they just unfold and the next step appears and that signals to me we're doing something right. I say this because many of your reading this are considering moving abroad, building abroad, already are living abroad or a life less ordinary. Things get hairy when you take the leap, pause - breath - you're safe - and now pivot and flow :)

What in your life seems like a struggle or uphill battle if anything? What could be released to give you more ease and time to "Do You"?

Here's What I Want to Share This Week:

1. Effortless Action in Action

This week a friend and client closed on an amazing property that he will use to host his transformational events and experiences. He decided instead of building a retreat center, he'd purchase an existing 10 bedroom home and retrofit it to his needs. Well done! He can focus on his gifts, not the effort of build out. Each person is different, but check-in with yourself and your needs.

2. Stay Local - Immerse in nature and creativity

Love what you discover right in your back yard. Staying local is rad. Just have to decide which local you want to be in hehe.

3. Inspiring Designs of the Week (LINK)

Some fresh designs of the week - here we go!

⚡️ This weeks Goodies - Free Workshop & Free Online Course ⚡️

1. Free Workshop / Webinar: International Real Estate and Alternative Living - Its packed with good info on buying land abroad, communities and eco-villages, building income producing properties and conscious land stewardship :) If you need more support in Real Estate or Development - just reply to this email and we got your back - realtors, attorneys, accountants, architects, builders, property management solutions, oh my.

2. Community & Land Safari - Starting to take enrollment on our next Land Safari's where we look at real estate, see communities and learn about a lot of cool stuff all while having fun in Costa Rica. I've been doing these Safari's with groups & individuals for some years, and now time to make it a bit more official! Let's Ride!

3. Free Access to my online course on alternative living, moving abroad, and Taking the Leap. This is essentially the best of what I offer in workshops and consultations with clients in a condensed format and is designed for anyone looking to move abroad or develop a land project whether its a home or full retreat center & eco-village. I love sharing this content on teachable as it beats long zoom calls and you have me in your iPhone app :) See the full Genesis Incubator if you want more of this goodness.

Catch past webinars and workshops HERE or Zaydeltube.

Who We Are Celebrating This Week: Jenny & Ruben

This week, I want to Celebrate my neighbors Jenny Ortuño & Ruben Dario. I love how active of a life they live and celebrate. Jenny a psychologist who loves her dogs and hiking - Ruben an artist for Colombia and epic human. They created this incredible farm sanctuary for themselves and others, filled with trails, rivers, art, and gardens. Food grows like crazy from fruit trees to arugula. Ducks and Geese quacking in the morning. It's really a paradise that they steward. This week we hiked with Jenny & Ruben and discussed her dream of donating this land to a trust and having a retreat and meditation center here with cabins for people to rent and live in. She wants to leave some legacy and offering to humanity, and it was a humble honor to listen, walk, and support her in her manifestation.

This Week's Curiosities

First Curiosity: The Known Universe (LINK)

Thats an image of the universe as we know it from the big bang to the edge of humanity. Since we're expanding outward from the big bang our universe, its galaxies, and solar systems are all in motion as well. So its pretty freakin cool to see the whole enchilada.

Second Curiosity: Inner Excavation

I used to do these as a kid - Indiana Jones Archeologist Hero Archetype for sure! Made me wonder, after a recent conversation if we as individuals do enough of the necessary inner archeology to discover who we really are? What drives us? What Scares us? If there has ever been a time to do this work, look inward, shadows and light, that time is now for us as individuals and as a society.

Third Curiosity: Dogs are truly mans best friend...

I hope that people enjoy some of the content on community and inner stuff, and even the design bits. But at the end, Maya always gets more love in media than any concept I can conjure up. Twas' a good week for this furry beast and her friends. Love you M!

Memorable Quote:

Much Love Amigos!


Ed Zaydelman

I am a real estate & land development advisor, & creator of the 90-Day Live the Possibility Land Accelerator™