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020: A Time to Reflect

Ed Zaydelman
Ed Zaydelman
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Hola Amigos,

This week I'd like to share some reflections as the Jewish people move into the new year - Rosh Hashanah and the days of atonement - Yom Kippur. It's also a big weekend for the Christians as it's the time of the biblical rapture and the world is a bit wonky so let's just say its an interesting time to pause and reflect on whats really important to each of us. Although I'm not the most overtly religious person, I love taking the golden nuggets from these special times, praying in my own way, giving gratitude and thanks for this amazing life that passes in an instant. I also love tradition, food, memories of family meals on the holidays. Living abroad, all of this has a special flavor for me this year and nostalgia fills my body and mind.

So how can we make this a sweet New Year, how can we show up, how can we act and be in alignment with Truth and our higher purpose? All powerful reflections, as many of you are looking to make shifts, to act on that feeling in your gut, and begin to love yourself in ways you never knew were possible. I noticed this week my Icalendar got a bit crazy. Work was a part of it, friend catch ups, personal needs, but at the end of the week I was wiped and my back hurt a lot. So I realized I need a taste of my own medicine - pause time. What else can I let go of that doesn't serve my highest good? No amount of money or feelings of "I should" can compensate you for your time and health. Anytime I feel the "I should" - I pause and see if it's coming from the right place or not? Does it enlarge me or diminish me? Where is this drive coming from? Here's a great video/podcast on the religion of productivity - loved it!

The world right now is in a pretty fragile place, the environment, geo-political issues, financial markets - all of it at a major point of inflection and for many the feeling of WTF is going on. But the real question is how are you showing up for yourself, your family, and the greater community around you? Are you modeling being the change, or just adding to the cancel culture and divisiveness? Are you making choices in how you live that could positively impact you and those around you? It doesn't mean you have to jump to living in Costa Rica tomorrow but for those who are considering major life shifts, it couldn't be a better time to take action on the life you see possible. Or enjoy the one you have now, if you've been rocking! No stress.

Here's What I Want to Share This Week:

1. Community: The structure of Belonging (LINK)

This week as I thought about the topic of community - be it digitally or in eco-village formats, reminded me of an amazing book I read years ago called "Community: the structure of belonging by Peter Block. Community is not about any physical infrastructure but rather a feeling and an experience of belonging. In tribal times, if you were kicked out of the tribe, you were as good as dead - survival was not easy. Now we drift between communities, have core communities and secondary ones, and the consequences are not as grave. But where do you belong? Where are you at greatest peace and service? As you begin to explore what community means for you, notice who really shows up for you - notice who makes your realize that you are not alone. Whether it's a local organic market, or a neighborhood group or even people you play sports with - all of the various communities around us begin to shape who we are and how we show up for each other. To be able to listen to each other, support each other, understand what is needed for the whole to thrive vs your individual desires and needs. I always urge people to get to know their local community, go to markets, start to integrate into the fabric of where you live and most importantly cultivate community. It's an action, it's not something you just wait for and hope is done for you, it's an active dialogue between you and those around you. Feed it and it feeds you, nourish it and nourish yourself.

2. Money Schmutz - No one talks about it (LINK)

I shared a link to a series about Money, as I noticed its such a taboo topic for people to talk about. How much you make, spend, save and how this energy moves in your life. Starting to talk about money with friends and family, I noticed how much this subject matter is not discussed in public, while it's one of the strongest energies that moves motivations around the world. How much do you really need? Does it buy any aspects of your happiness? Does it give security? How do you value your time and energy? All of these things are fun to explore. Here is another cool video about the Psychology of Wealth. What I've noticed this year, are countless friends and people who have made it in the money game - ROI is through the roof, but QOL (quality of life) is suffering. There's a point where you cross, after your core needs are met, that more of this energy can cause you more harm than good. So just discussing it, watching it, being super clear in our communication around it - can be quite healthy when we come from truth vs our masks. The quote below, really resonates when we look at life to see what really matters...

3. Interview with Regeneration Nation CR (LINK)

I did a really fun interview that just got aired on Regeneration Nation with Jason Thomas. Love what Jason is up to, promoting more regenerative ways of living on this planet. He also has mapped agreements across eco-villages and communities so that people building new ones can learn from these resources - aho brother. He shares stories and insights from those who are bravely pioneering new ways of living and although this was an interview I did almost a year back, so much of it rings true today. I shared some info on a topic that I love - retreats, transformative events, and how to get started for those looking to host experiences on their properties and ignite their vision. Love experiential education :) Hope you enjoy!

Catch past webinars and workshops HERE or Zaydeltube.

⚡️ This weeks Goodies - Fun Offerings & Such ⚡️

Deep Private Coaching Work via the LTP Land Accelerator: I’ve opened up a couple of 1-on-1 coaching spots, and have opened my calendar for doing calls with people to explore this possibility of working together and building something in Costa Rica.

The transformations I’ve seen in this coaching and consulting work -- bringing land projects to life are breath-taking and really light me up! The 20 we've supported this year alone have been a dream. I’ve seen people bring incredible visions to life that have changed their own lives drastically — as well as have planted beautiful seeds of community and impact. If your up for an adventure like this- fill out this form, and we can set up a call to chat about your dreams!

Who We Are Celebrating This Week: Marcelo Mansour

Marcelo Mansour appeared at my door about 12 years ago with more instruments than I've ever seen a person carry on their body. His smile and joy radiated. Whatever he had, I wanted some of that goodness. He was at Punta Mona, a permaculture retreat center owned by my buddy Stephen Brooks and Stephen had asked me if Marce could crash the night at my place before his flight. I said yes, and made a friend for life. Marcelo and I have traveled the world, done countless retreats, and enjoyed so many pizza slices with smiles on our faces. He's spent his life studying Tai Chi and Vibrational Healing and became my teacher. He was the professor of Vibrational healing at the intercultural university in Mexico, and honored by the international congress of shamans for his dedication to this work. The impact he's made on my life and countless others at my retreat center and at events around the world has been profound. He's coming to Costa Rica Nov 24 - Dec 12 to share his magic. We will be doing workshops in San Jose & Santa Teresa at Zunya. If you want to join, just reply to this email. Here is an interview we did a while back :)

Dec 1 - 7 - Residency @ Zunya with Marcelo & I. Yes a week of Tai chi, sound healing a journaling. Drop in for a day or a week, will be super nice time to recharge at the beach. Zunya is giving a 10% discount on rooms to all our friends here via the link above.

This Week's Curiosities

First Curiosity: Cabins. So many shapes and sizes to play with.

Second Curiosity: Amazing Food in Community

Some highlights of this week - when you have a Spaniard and epic chef/baker in your tribe. Aho to community well curated!

Third Curiosity: How can I love Maya this much?

Poem of the Week

Memorable Quote:

Much Love Amigos!


Ed Zaydelman

I am a real estate & land development advisor, & creator of the 90-Day Live the Possibility Land Accelerator™