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Real Estate and Project Site Visits in Costa Rica

Many new and existing clients ask me about the possibility of utilizing my services for in-person site visits related to their potential land acquisitions and project launches.

We have a menu of options to choose from when it comes to this that are available to current Land Accelerator members & our alumni network.

In-Person VIP Day + Site Visit ($2500)

*Available exclusively for current or past clients of the Live the Possibility Land Accelerator.

  1. Includes 3-Hour Land Walk & 2-hr Workshop & Strategy Session
  2. Does not include travel fees which vary by region (see typical examples here, but will be discussed on a per-project basis)
  3. Additional on-site hours billed @ $350/hr

What you get:

  • Together, we'll walk your current or prospective land to understand its development potential. We'll feel into and listen to the land to hear what it's calling for.
  • Evaluate the alignment of vision to the property to feel if it's a fit.
  • Economic Strategy Analysis to make sure the plan and site economics align.
  • If a site engineer is available to join, I'll provide initial site visit feedback to make sure soil, boundaries, topography, and other key items are ideal for the development plans.
  • We'll review any existing master plans, permits, and due diligence to make sure no issues.
  • I'll offer pricing feedback on the purchase or re-sale of lots (or entire property) to compare/set expectations.

What I've found from years of supporting clients with this work is there is often an ideal time to complete this work together, but it almost always varies based on the needs of the client, and the stage of the project they find themselves in when we engage in the Land Accelerator process.

As such, we'll be able to make this assessment quickly when we engage in the Land Accelerator process, so I can advise you of the most opportune timeline for scheduling a site visit.

2-Day Private Real-Estate Safari ($5,000)

*Available exclusively for current or past clients of the Live the Possibility Land Accelerator.

This is best suited for someone who is still evaluating a land purchase and would like to get boots on the ground and visit a series of properties over two days together.

I will support you in utilizing a diverse set of agents and on-ground contacts to search for land that meets your exact criteria, beyond what you typically would get from searching listings from afar.

During your time in Costa Rica, we'll discuss your team needs, and if appropriate set meetings with key individuals who will be invaluable to your project's long-term success (real estate agents, lawyers, engineers, etc).

I'll accompany you along in the search for real estate, offering my non-biased opinion on the options that are presented and can offer assistance and guidance related to contacts, negotiation, and deal structures.

In addition, this package includes everything that is a part of our standard site visit process.

We'll also do two additional calls together, before and after the in-person experience, where we'll get clear on our in-person goals & objectives, and then debrief afterward on the next steps regarding our work together.

This is the fastest way to make headway on finding the perfect land for your project if this is the stage of the process you find yourself in.