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Re:build Talk: True Vision Alignment vs Downloads from Spirit

A very fun conversation at the Re:build Conference about finding true alignment in vision for your land project be it a home, eco-village, retreat center or beyond. If you are starting a community or land project, this is a great video for you.

Ed Zaydelman
Ed Zaydelman
3 min read
Re:build Talk: True Vision Alignment vs Downloads from Spirit

Table of Contents


1. Introduction

The Re:build Conference gathered passionate individuals who share a common interest in land projects, aiming to explore the true alignment of vision within these endeavors. The conference provided a platform for meaningful discussions, invaluable insights, and opportunities for networking and learning from like-minded individuals.

2. The Participants

During the conversation, three participants shared their experiences and perspectives. Victor, located in Portugal, offered his unique insights on land projects. Ed, hailing from Costa Rica, provided invaluable advice based on his personal journey. Annie, from Mexico, contributed to the enriching dialogue, offering her perspectives on creating meaningful communities.

3. Celebration and Opening Ceremonies

The first day of the conference was dedicated to celebration, opening ceremonies, and fostering connections among participants. This festive atmosphere set the stage for an engaging and inspiring event that would unfold over the following days.

4. Recording and Accessibility

To ensure widespread accessibility, the talks at the Re:build Conference were recorded. These recordings will be made available on the conference platform or website, allowing those unable to attend the live event to benefit from the shared wisdom and knowledge.

5. Ed's Insights: Aligning Visions and Staying Agile

Ed, drawing from his extensive experience in the field, highlighted the challenge of aligning visions and staying agile throughout the journey of a land project. He emphasized the significance of actively listening to the land and remaining open to adapting one's vision accordingly. By embracing flexibility and responsiveness, project leaders can create a harmonious relationship between their vision and the unique characteristics of the land.

6. Ed's Personal Journey

Ed shared his personal journey, which served as a source of inspiration for many. Coming from a background in nightlife and event organization, Ed transitioned into exploring the vision of sustainable living through his involvement with Burning Man. Eventually, this journey led him to Costa Rica, where he delved deeper into the world of land projects.

7. Refining Vision: Personal vs. External Influences

During the conversation, Ed stressed the importance of refining one's vision and distinguishing between personal vision and external influences, often referred to as "downloads from the ether." By carefully discerning and clarifying one's true vision, project leaders can ensure that their direction aligns authentically with their aspirations, rather than being driven solely by external forces.

8. Aligning Vision with the Land

Ed provided valuable guidance on aligning vision with the land itself. He recommended spending time meditating on the property, cultivating a deep understanding of its unique qualities and energies. By aligning one's vision with the essence of the land, project leaders can create a harmonious and sustainable environment that truly resonates with the natural surroundings. For further guidance on sustainable design and practices, you can explore the resources offered by Permaculture Principles.

9. Cautionary Considerations

While dreaming big and envisioning grand projects may be enticing, Ed cautioned against blindly scaling visions globally without careful consideration. Instead, he encouraged starting with a minimum viable product and gradually expanding while remaining curious and open to learning throughout the process. This approach ensures a solid foundation and allows for adjustments based on valuable insights gained along the way.

10. Supporting Others: Ed's Transition

Ed also shared his experience transitioning from being the leader of an eco-village project to supporting others in realizing their visions. Through his land accelerator and consulting work, he now empowers individuals to bring their own projects to life, leveraging his expertise and lessons learned to guide and inspire others.

11. Audience Engagement: Questions and Reflections

The audience actively participated in the conversation, posing thought-provoking questions and sharing reflections. Key topics discussed included overcoming fears associated with land projects, the importance of context-based design, and the significance of interpersonal work within the community. These engaging discussions enriched the overall dialogue and provided additional perspectives to consider.

12. Staying Connected with Land Projects in Costa Rica

For those interested in learning more about Ed's work and staying connected with land projects in Costa Rica, he shared his website and newsletter as valuable resources. By joining the Live the Possibility Newsletter, individuals can receive the latest updates directly in their inbox, ensuring they stay informed about the exciting progress and developments in the world of sustainable land projects.

To conclude, the Re:build Conference sparked a captivating conversation on achieving true vision alignment for land projects. The insights shared by Ed and other participants serve as valuable guidance for individuals embarking on their own land projects. By actively listening to the land, refining personal vision, and staying open to growth and adaptation, project leaders can create sustainable and harmonious environments that align authentically with their aspirations. Embrace the journey, and let your land project flourish in harmony with your vision.

Ed Zaydelman

I am a real estate & land development advisor, & creator of the 90-Day Live the Possibility Land Accelerator™