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Black Book Spotlight 002 | Carolina Wilke

In this Black Book Spotlight, we turn our attention to Carolina Wilke, a bioenergetics practitioner, embodied movement teacher, and creator of the transformative program, "Master Your Energy, Master Your Life".

Ed Zaydelman
Ed Zaydelman
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Black Book Spotlight 002 | Carolina Wilke

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Carolina Wilke is a bioenergetics practitioner, embodied movement teacher, and creator of a program called "Master Your Energy, Master Your Life"​1​. Her work includes personal coaching, embodied movement classes, and bioenergetics​2​.

Her Radiant Flow Program  combines yoga, embodied movement practices, dance, meditation, and breathwork to foster a connection between the body and mind. Participants in this program can expect to set new intentions for their personal journey, break free from past struggles, commit to their transformational journey with accountability, and have access to proven strategies and tools. The program also includes weekly yoga classes, a growing content library, a private community, quarterly alignment calls, and flexible membership options.

Carolina Wilke is an embodied movement teacher and bioenergetic medicine practitioner who currently resides in Escazu, Costa Rica

Carolina's own journey in this field began when she suffered from severe migraines and was told by many doctors that there was nothing they could do. She never accepted that as her fate and found physical healing when she discovered the practices she now shares with her students. These practices involve a combination of yoga and bioenergetic techniques, which led to a significant shift in her life.

Today, she is passionate about guiding her clients to connect with a powerful vision for their personal transformation and actualize it in a way that is both empowering and healing​8​.

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