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046: Slowing it all down!

Ed Zaydel
Ed Zaydel
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046: Slowing it all down!

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Hola Amigos,

Slowing down has been a critical aspect to my exploration of what lives inside of me, of my authenticity, as well as how I show up in community, from that space of honesty and integrity. It's the first step to much of what we practice at Leap Forward. We repeatedly Pause, and ask each other, "What are you feeling?". When I pause and slow the f%ck down, I can have the space to see if what I am saying is true, kind, and necessary. I can also listen with a thousand ears and really allow things to land and anchor in me. Slowing down, also plays a huge part in what I do at work and in the field, with my clients and their land projects. It's one of the ways we can ensure integrity to ourselves and to mother nature, while enjoying the ride.

The more we slow down with our visions of land projects, healing centers, and homes, the more we can really take the care to avoid mistakes, to be kind to the land, true to our vision and do whats necessary and aligned, nothing else. We can then afford to listen to the land, talk to our neighbors, hone in on our vision and strategy before making big commitments to ourselves and others. Most mistakes in land projects are made in the first six months - murky agreements and partnerships, master planning massive undertakings, lacking clear strategies or people to execute the vision... Regenerative development and permaculture both say start small, start slow, grow organically! It also just feels good to relax and flow, nature itself is slow and deliberate, is it not? So why do we need to rush? This is not an eco-rat race, so don't make it one :)

It's also critical for me to feel people, as my day to day life involves talking to diverse groups of people and teams, managing complex projects, so it's even more important for me to go slow to feel. When conversations are slow and energy rich, I feel connected and nourished after, and the "field" of energy in the group feels healthy.

I asked members of my community at Leap Forward and those I interact with frequently, to help me go slower via in-the-moment feedback, so that I can start to rewire my fast New Yorker system :) I asked them to help me be accountable, namely by making sure that I speak slowly, and that my communication in whats app and over the phone is efficient and concise. Also major thanks to Carol at Sacred Business Flow for the Bio-energetic sessions and daily support in consistency in this area of my life, and of living in my Truth.

Take It Slow
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Here's What I Want to Share This Week:

In my journey of discovering and aligning to my Truth, one of my recent insights, was that I have always valued caring for others, yet I hadn't fully connected this to the importance of honesty and speaking Truth. Being transparent and truthful, sharing what's inside with those I care about is critical. If I truly care, I won't sugarcoat things; I'll be straight, raw, and to the point. I am now recognizing that at many times I engage in people-pleasing behaviors, not speaking my Truth, or keeping the interactions light to avoid the discomfort or energy of “going deep.” These realizations, prompted by my community at Leap Forward, echo the New Yorker in me who values the phrase, "Word!"—signifying that my word is my bond. Integrity and honesty are paramount in my life, they are more than a code of conduct, they are my foundation. So I need to make sure I am showing up that way, not just talking shit!

Withholding my truth, for the fear of speaking up, was particularly evident as I observed global antisemitism on the rise and other forms of hate—direct contradictions to the idea of a loving interdependent community I so sought in the world. Seeing the eruption of the war in Ukraine, and the attack on the festival in Israel on Oct 7th, the protests and encampments in the US, so much hate... It really shook me and began to wake me out of a stupor. My generation of friends have not really u seen war, or hunger, or half of what our parents experienced. We grew up with good schooling, cars, homes, food - comfort and safety our families fought to give us. I started to sense this may not be the case for much longer, as the canary in the coal mine is quite evident. But dare I speak about this, especially in my circles? During these times, I often felt pressured to maintain peace rather than voice my concerns, fearful of being seen as a downer. So many just care about keeping the vibration high and focusing on the fun - after all if we just stay in the high vibration, we'll be fine right?!

I often noticed myself swept up in events, dinners, and gatherings in Costa Rica and the US, talking about the latest trends regenerative living and functional medicine, ending up in a house party and with a bunch of “friends” on Ketamine. No one wants to hear about geo-politics and war, let alone antisemitism when there is electronic music and K. And I won't lie, I start to forget sometimes where the line is myself, it is so easy to disconnect... I can become a leaf in the wind, if I am not rooted in my core to WHO I AM and WHY I AM HERE! Real friends and community are crucial for this; they sense when I'm drifting off my path and intervene.

My work in a small group at Leap Forward, combating Anti-semitism via data visualization, led me to see that the incidents of hate and violence in the US and abroad are escalating at astonishing rates - in person, on line, on campus all over! I've learned the importance of not remaining silent on critical issues, honoring those who fought for the freedoms I enjoy, and fighting now for our common Humanity.

And although I'm still learning and discovering what community means to me, I know it's built on a foundation of truth, honest reflections, and mutual care. A community's strength relies on the integrity of its members; without honesty and integrity, there can be no foundation for trust. So I ask myself, how am I showing up?

People: Tony Cho & the Climate Innovation Hub

Got to visit my buddy Tony Cho at the Future of Cities, Climate Innovation Hub, in the Little Haiti neighborhood of Miami.

Zaydelman & Tony Cho - hanging in his urban garden in Little Haiti!

Places: Public Displays of Generosity

It's quite easy to be generous when my cup feels full, and so often I get preoccupied with my own shit, and don't take the time and care to help someone else. This year, I started to budget each month for giving, as a percent of my earnings, whether I make $1 or $10 Million. Ronit Herzfeld, founder of Leap Forward, helped me a lot this year, and is an example for me, of what happens when we access Purity. With "easing suffering in the world" as her directive, and clarity, integrity and unshakable faith as her operating system - Ronit is truly an example for me of someone who cares deeply for Humanity.

Resources: Regenerative Development & Design

Healing the Earth in 18 Months? Just watch & enjoy Bill Reed.

Video - Regenerative Development by Bill Reed | SOPREMA

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