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038: In Search of Freedom, or Free from Searching?

Ed Zaydel
Ed Zaydel
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038: In Search of Freedom, or Free from Searching?

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Hola Amigos,

This week I came to think a lot about the word Freedom and what it means to me. True Sovereignty over my life, my attention, my energy and my time. How can I look again, with fresh eyes and re-align or Leap? To be free of any shackles in my life and in my mind, which can both be prisons of their own right...

Uvita, CR - @FormaFatal Designs

On this Rosh Hashanah (head of the year) I audited, again, how I spend my time, where my energy goes – and holy smokes, there are always ways to love myself more. Yes adjusting these things for me is the biggest act of self love. I changed my call schedule again, what I do when, re-focused on only the most aligned projects with the best people, and added more self care (hard to believe but yes!)

This is so spot on!

We'll be diving deep as usual into topics that really deserve a pause; and some reflection. Adventures and tropical architecture galore as well, don't worry! Follow me on some travels to the beaches and mountains of the South of Costa Rica as well as some fun adventures to NYC and beyond. We'll also chat about Dao's, Trusts, Non-profits and groups buying land - wild west out there folks!

Montauk, NY - Optimal Living Institute Outing

THE BIG MESSAGE for me this week... Life moves quickly – DON’T LET YOUR ENERGY DISIPATE! Where we choose to spend our time, with whom, on what tasks or errands. Are we connected to our Why? Are we choosing and acting from it? Treat all you do with love, as a scared act, and watch where your energy goes amigos.

I realized, as someone who had so many ideas and visions for a life I always wanted to build - projects, retreats, institutes, communities, a home in the mountains, freedom, adventure, love, health... But then I realized, holy moly this isn’t a destination, it's a life long journey, a discovery that in and of itself, leaves me in awe and wonder! The project is me, this is the Cathedral of my life I’m building here! How I live, how I show up, what I stand for - this is the only thing that counts. And frankly, the most exciting show in town right now is human evolution (including my own).

NYC Cathedral game is on point @TrinityCathedral

Here's What I Want to Share This Week:


I spend a lot of time doing this, getting to know myself... In fact, I've been dedicated to this very thing for over 25 years. Why? So I can uncover more of who I really am, and share my light with others.

Ocean Drive, FL - Contemplation Spot of the day for me

And while on this path, I love to help bridge myself and others to a life of health, freedom, friendship and adventure - a life that fills us with awe and radical amazement. Why? Because, I friggen' love people, and we are at a critical turning point in human evolution. The world is in a very sensitive moment with wars, covid's, division and so we can't afford to be asleep, nor can we be indifferent. Being fully alive is way better in my opinion - aware and present to the mystery of life, and enjoying each morsel. Speaking Truth, being real.

2. Dao's, Non-Profits, Land Trusts... Oh my!

More and more frequently, I'm seeing groups buying land and not just capitalists, rad groups not all about the money. Really cool groups who have values and ideals that are greater than themselves, those dedicated to service for humanity, digital and physical sovereignty, and more. I help a growing number of non-profits and groups do land projects because they model values that I resonate with - integrated cooperation, group thinking, transparency, generosity and a variety of perspectives on things that matter most.

Design Think Tank @ Void CR

3. Designs that caught my eye this week (LINK):

This week we have a special selection of designs that I visited from a top architectural firm, run by women, yes mostly women and they're sexy AF (the designs silly). Big love to Forma Fatal & Art Villas.

Art Villas - Uvita, CR
There's good, then there's great design! @FormaFatal

Catch past webinars and workshops on Zaydeltube.

Exploring Alternative living, Sustainability, Community and more -

This Week's Curiosities

First Curiosity: Art in the everyday (LINK)

A new show at ACA Galleries of my homie Vaughn Bergen and his family, made for a fun day with my sister. Kandy Lopez is a epic!

Kandy Lopez Exhibit opens a huge success!
Phase 2 - legend of street art

Second Curiosity: Water - its holy.

Water is so important, how we treat it, how we get nurtured by it. Water security comes up a lot, just find a river, a good river and explore. Many of my friends like Stephen Brook's and others made their choices of where to settle based on water - rivers, lake, beach... I find water is such a critical aspect of our lives, so designing around it would make sense, no?

I'm obviously not going to tell you where haha

Third Curiosity: Weekly love from a man's best friend.

Studies show that Maya boosts oxytocin!

Who We Are Celebrating This Week: Dasha Stepanova & Forma Fatal

It was a great honor and pleasure to be in the presence of a great designer - Dagmar Štěpánová aka Dasha of badass female run architecture firm Forma Fatal. My colleague Sarah and I got a chance to talk shop, walk through her beautiful designs and witness the combination of jungle, architecture, and humans.

I celebrate designers and creatives who think outside the box, challenge the norms, and pull of something that is in harmony with nature and the people who inhabit these spaces. What a cool set of spaces to experience and a fun conversation on neo-tropical architecture. This was a fun day on planet earth!

Memorable Quote:

Much Love Amigos!