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031: Life is a Dance

Ed Zaydel
Ed Zaydel
5 min read
031: Life is a Dance

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Hola Amigos,

Some more goodness coming your way today - epic travels around Costa Rica, Inspiring architecture from around the globe, and some thoughts after attending Envision Festival.

For those who maybe interested in a recent podcast (Spotify) I did with Matt Haney its an epic one on life, healing, plant medicine, and building a new paradigm one human at a time. Here's the youtube version with a video: LINK. 

I hope you enjoy! And now to the newsletter.

Just some Cabin Porn to get y'all excited- more below...

But first... How are you feeling? Think psychical, mental, emotional, spiritual when you answer. You know you can actually reply to this email and tell me :) We often race through life from one task to the other, work, family, meeting a friend and the day can fill up so quickly, but a check in every so often of how your feeling, a pause, can be so fricken good. The more we do that less we need to go on some plant medicine journey to figure out we have some feelings toward our mom, dad, girlfriend whoever... Once we know what we are feeling, makes navigating the day and interacting with people a heck of a lot easier. Its also a phenomenal way to get present, and not be stuck in past or future thoughts. I often start my meetings this way before jumping into heady stuff - a quick check in helps a lot.

Today, we are going to explore how to bring a vision to life - how to make sure the vision we have, aligns to the land (spoiler alert: listen to your land), and finally how to bring that vision to life with the right team and strategy.

Let's Roll!

Here's What I Want to Share This Week:

1. How to bring your land project to life... (LINK)

This is my favorite thing in the world (okay besides my dog, snowboarding and pizza). Walking land with the architects and land steward and starting to dream a bit, listening to the inputs of the land, and having our jaw drop a couple times.

Inspiring moments

Jaw dropper over the Whale's Tale in Uvita

Deep Listening (Shhhhhh)

Being humbled by natures majesty

Walking the land with VOID is epic, if anyone ever needs an intro to a great architecture firm in Costa Rica, just reply here and you got it. Also helps skip the line, as I keep them busy :)

2. Envision Festival - and so we danced! (LINK)

I haven't been to a festival in a while, and moreover I decided to do it sober. Needless to say, it was a ton of fun still and got to connect with a lot of friends from around the globe. This is a good one, family friendly, lots of amazing talks and workshops, a beach, tree planting and plenty of places to take it easy and eat yummy food.

The band is back together - funny thing is - all these people have serious 3D world jobs and titles - but today we danced!

3. Designs that caught my eye this week! (LINK)

This first house has gotten a lot of buzz :) Epico!

Some more goodies to follow

Catch past webinars and workshops on Zaydeltube.

This Week's Curiosities

First Curiosity: Cotton from Trees? Yep

Check out what we spotted on a walk... Tree Cotton :)

Okay fine, and a cute pineapple growing in the sunshine

Vibrant Nature can be felt

Second Curiosity: Moss Cement

Okay this is a pretty badass innovation for cities...

Third Curiosity: Weekly love from a man's best friend.

Maya had a great week - happy girl :) She's an amazing companion.

Who We Are Celebrating This Week: Stephen Brooks and Nadeem Kassam

This week Celebrating two great homies Nadeem and Stephen.

I met Stephen at a Wholefoods parking lot (no joke) in Edgewater, New Jersey before heading out on my quest to Costa Rica over 15 years ago. Since then I've gotten to learn from him, dance with him, co-create with him, host events and retreats and all in the service of fun and bridging people to alternative ways of living. Love you! Stephen is the founder of Envision Festival, Punta Mona, and Alegria eco-village (and he's still drumming up ideas for whats next)!

Nadeem, I recently met in the southern zone of Costa Rica and it was a bromance at first site. I truly appreciated Nadeem's dedication to what matters most in life - family, health, time in nature, and taking it slow. Nadeem founded the Mushroom Farm, many other cool start-ups he created, and is a futuristic thinker with grounded practical solutions today. Excited to co-create some magic together.

Memorable Quote:

Much Love Amigos!