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Live the Possibility

Hi Friends - I'm Edward Zaydelman

I am a real estate & land development advisor, & creator of the 90-Day Live the Possibility Land Accelerator™

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023: Holy Shift!

023: Holy Shift! Hola Amigos, This week coming to you with an issue dedicated to the shift happening around the globe, hence the title "Holy Shift". We have seen a slew of changes starting to brew, and the only thing one can do is build resilience and a plan. Its

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Gabriel Saragovia | Rio Perdido Founder

Part of the "Friends of Live the Possibility" Series Who is Gabriel Saragovia? Gabriel Saragovia is the founder of Rio Perdido, a Costa Rican eco-resort and thermal springs spa. He was born and raised in Costa Rica, and has always been passionate about environmental conservation and sustainable development. In 2003,

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022: Adventure of a lifetime, a Lifetime of adventure.

Hola Amigos, Hoping your week is kicking off well! I've been on the road for 10 days of adventure, discovery, and self-care, so I'm excited to share this edition of the newsletter with you. The theme this time around, is exploring Life as an adventure, and living to the life